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What helps when it feels like you’re drowning?

“…And We have made from water every living thing…” – Qur’an 21:30 The intricate water cycles of life-giving rains, rivers and oceans are ‘signs’ referenced continually in the Book written by the One who created all things. As blood flows through our veins, so water flows through the earth. And Allah created life from water. […]

Letting go: a spiritual balancing act

We all have obsessions at some point – sport, a TV show, fitting in, looking good, achieving a career goal, love, rejection… But when we’re hung up on something and just can’t seem to let go, it can eventually take a toll on our mental health.  Intuitively we know that when something feels stuck and […]

Solving the gratitude equation Q14:7

If gratitude is the key to contentment, and contentment is the hallmark of the people of jannah – then why do grateful people still struggle so much with their mental health? What’s the secret part of the equation where me + gratitude = inner-peace?  When Allah says, if you are grateful, I will give you […]

Spiritual bypassing: are you in your body?

Spiritual folk love telling us that we’re all inescapably interconnected. You and I, we are made from the same matter as stars. And trees. And ping pong tables. But we are not stars, trees or ping pong tables… Are we? Our physical bodies exist. But our teeny tiny cells are made from vast galaxies of […]

Dangerous muslim influencers

Not all mental health advice is equal. If Muslim content creators knew how much potential damage they might be doing in the name of Allah when they offer mental health advice based on the ‘virtues of suffering’, I am sure they would think again. Messages that promote the idea that our suffering is a sign […]