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Muslim-friendly mental health resources

Recommended resources to help you support your mental health and wellbeing – helpful accounts, videos, books, podcasts and more.

Caught between two cultures

Do you feel like different parts of yourself want different things, or that you’re fighting with your own self to be heard? Here are seven things that can help. 

Self-help: leading your own journey

Supporting your own mental-health and personal growth can seem daunting, but it can be easier than you might think to keep on top of your wellbeing. 

two girls hugging on beach, smiling

Healing from trauma and abuse

No matter what you’ve been through, you deserve love and support. You deserve help. And you deserve to heal. Here are some things that can help.

Feeling suicidal or depressed

If you’re, feeling suicidal, depressed or unable to see a way out of your situation, you are not alone. You can get through this, and things can get better. Find out what can make a difference.

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