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As-salamu-alaykum and welcome.  

I’m Shirin, the creator of jannahwithin.com. 

I believe that knowing how to look after your mental health and wellbeing is vital for everyone, no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you believe in.

If you’re Muslim, or interested in Islamic spirituality, and you’re going through a tough time – feeling depressed, broken-hearted, stuck, feeling trapped, hopeless, lonely, anxious or sad – this site is for you.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or unsure if you’ll ever fall back in love with the life you’ve been given. These feelings might feel suffocating, like you’re buried deep in the darkness. But like a planted seed, your journey into the light is the most natural thing in the world. You know intuitively what to do, so don’t overthink it. 

This website is full of gentle reminders for your heart, mind and spirit, to help you reconnect with your personal truth, heal your emotional pain and help you grow.  

You might not believe this, but your roots are getting stronger with every challenge you face. You are so ready to unlock your full potential. And after the rain, your rise will be unstoppable. In fact, you’re already on your way! 

So, get ready, take a deep breath – let’s face this storm head on.

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend starting your journey on this site by rediscovering your feelings of self-love

May it be easy for you, may your path be blessed, and may you arrive safely, ameen.

With love, 

Shirin x 

How Jannah Within was born

I spent several years working in the mental health sector, listening to thousands of young people’s mental health stories, turning those insights into mental health advice for a national audience. But my own lived experience taught me that while ‘secular Western’ clinical mental health advice is helpful, it is also imbalanced, partial and incomplete for a Muslim like me.  

Prevalence of poor mental health among Muslims in the UK and ‘the west’ is disproportionately high. Suicide rates are devastatingly high. Our communities are suffering, and that is not ok. We have far too many religious figures preaching who are ill-equipped to understand mental health matters, psychology and trauma. And we have all too many mental health professionals who are unfamiliar with Allah, Islam and the soul. Now, I don’t have all the answers – and I won’t pretend to. But it is clear that we need advice and support that sees who we are, where we are coming from, and what we believe. Here’s why…

Imagine a universe entirely held together by Allah’s mercy, in which human beings are Allah’s deputies on earth, each tasked with a clear purpose. Innately, we know our mission is to maintain the balance of this universe, by striving mind, body and soul to be true to ourselves by embodying justice, mercy and truth – bearing witness to Allah. But the balance is fragile, and when it tips, as it so often (and so easily) does, ripples of mental, emotional, physical turmoil echo through the universe – and suffering is born. Mental health advice that fails to integrate our spirit, and its absolute need for Divine connection, into all aspects of our existence (whether physical, intellectual, or emotional), falls short of leading us to jannah – the garden of peace, free from suffering.   

Jannah Within was born to help fill the huge gap in meaningful mental health support for Muslims, who need non-judgemental advice, taking into account the cultural and social challenges we face. It certainly isn’t perfect, but it is a start. You can read more about my approach on the blog.  

This site is dedicated to every Muslim who ended their life, believing they weren’t good enough. You were always good enough. 

About the author 

Shirin Zaid is a London-based Muslim and digital communications expert, currently supporting the One Young World global community of young leaders taking action to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Raised in a multi-ethnic family of practising Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Salafi, and other, seekers of Divine Light. 

“Say, “If I err, I only err against myself. But if I am guided, it is because of the inspiration of my Lord to me. Indeed, He is Hearing and Ever-Near.”” — Qur’an 34:50 

With special thanks to:

  • Sabira K Ali – for kicking me into action, and for your help and support
  • All the Muslim content creators and contributors featured on this site

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