Standing against genocide – rebuilding Palestine

It’s easy to feel powerless watching a brutal genocide unfold. But there is always something you can do to help. Here are two campaigns you should know about that offer practical solutions to some of the challenges facing Palestinians right now. 

  1. Help rebuild Palestine’s economy #JobsForPalestine

You, or someone you know, could be uniquely placed to make a real and lasting impact on the future of Palestine that goes beyond giving short-term aid. 

Giving real jobs, for fair wages, to talented Palestinian professionals, paves the way to a brighter future for lives devastated by war and occupation. It’s that simple. 

#JobsForPalestine, run by Abeer AbuGhaith, Founder and CEO of MENA Alliances, aims to empower skilled Palestinian talent with remote job opportunities, so that they can lift themselves out of economic difficulty and build a thriving, sustainable future on their own terms. 

Remote work opportunities means no barriers and no checkpoints which make life for professionals in Palestine impossible. Business-leaders from all around the world are stepping up and stepping in where world-leaders have failed, to give Palestinians another chance at life, freedom and prosperity. 

This is a common-sense and urgently needed practical solution to help Palestinians rebuild. It takes forward-thinking business-leaders, making smart business decisions, to invest in building a vibrant Palestinian economy. 

Every hire global businesses make through #JobsForPalestine represents a win-win opportunity for mutual growth and empowerment. This is a chance to diversify workforces with impressive individuals who bring fresh perspectives and innovative problem-solving skills, while opening up the Palestinian market and igniting a movement for peace, freedom, and prosperity. 

World peace is everyone’s business. Together we can build the world we want to see.

Please spread the word and introduce a hiring manager to #JobsForPalestine 

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2. Help Gaza stay connected #ConnectingGaza

#ConnectingGaza is a campaign to get eSIMs to people in Gaza to keep them connected to the internet. You can purchase an eSIMS and this organisation will ensure they get to people in Gaza including journalists and medics. 

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